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Maring d.o.o.
Maravić Engineering and Construction

The company specializes in the production and sale of boiler distributors for heating systems, the production of equipment for the tobacco and food industry.
Company MARING d.o.o. Nedelišće was founded in 1989 under the full name "Maravić Engineering and Construction" d.o.o. from the already existing "Maravic installation and air conditioning" business, which has been operating since 1980.
Through the years we registered a continuous increase in demand for MIC distributors, they are more and more present on the markets of Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatian and neighboring countries.



Present on the domestic and foreign markets with a clear business policy, production and sales and development strategy, and has the reputation of renowned company in the industry.


Since 1990, we work for foreign markets in the range of 90% of total production. The export orientation of the company has increased in the last decade, so in 2015 the share of exports was as high as 95%.

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ISO 14001

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Quality and environmental policy

Quality and environmental policy

Company "Maravić Engineering and Constructions" d.o.o. or shortened MARING d.o.o. is specialized for the production and sales of boiler manifolds for hot water systems, and for many years has been present on the domestic and foreign markets with a clear business policy, production-sales and development strategy, and a reknown reputation in its industry. All products are recognizable by their unique MIK logo and protected octagonal shape.

The company has been founded in 1989 in Nedelišće from the already existing craft "Maravić installation and air conditioning", which had been doing business since 1980. As early as 1984, the emphasis has been put on foreign markets in the range of 40% of total production. The company’s export orientation is continuously increasing, so its share of foreign sales revenue in the period from 2016 until 2018 amounted to an average of 93%.

Demand for MIK manifolds has been increasing over the years, becoming more and more present in the countries of EU, People's Republic of China, Russia and our neighbouring countries. Continuous growth of production has been accompanied by increased quality control. Quality of our products has been our imperative and we are certain that this is a guarantee of our success. Our long-lasting quality in business is proven by norms ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Our product assortment includes series-made products, but we also make products according to specific customer requirements. Also, we provide a 5 year warranty on all our products.

Feel free to contact our expert team with confidence, as we are certain that we are fully able to offer you quality solutions, with short delivery terms and very competitive prices.

The owner of the company, Dmitar Maravić
Foreign network of customers MBI GmbH - the primary partner for distributing MIK products to the Western European market